About Moyer Farms

Moyer Farm is a 4th-generation farm, and 3rd-generation sheep producer, located in Northern Oklahoma.  Chuck Moyer has been cross-breeding sheep for 35 years.  

Our Farms are located 100 miles north of Oklahoma City and 75 miles south of Wichita, Kansas.  Our Farms are diversified with 1,000 acres of wheat, milo, and alfalfa.

Moyer Farms is owned and operated by Chuck Moyer, and his wife Rose Moyer.  Chuck is the Chairman of the Oklahoma Sheep and Wool Commission, and a member of the Mid-States Wool Cooperative.  Chuck was born and raised in Oklahoma, and he and Rose are the proud parents of two married sons, and two grandchildren.

"We love Oklahoma."

We raise hearty Commercial Ewes.

Our white-faced, commercial ewes are East Friesian cross breed with an emphasis on multiple births, easy mothering, heavy milking, and out-of-season breeding. 

We raise meaty Feeder Lambs.

The emphasis of our Feeder Lambs are good growth rates, and excellent carcass quality.  As always, our Lambs are completely hormone-free and antibiotic free.  They freely graze in our wheat pastures.

We raise tender Butcher Lambs.

Our Farms have received countless testimonials regarding the fresh and tender quality of our Spring Butcher Lambs. Many say, unsolicited, that this is the best lamb they've had in their lives.

"The Lamb I got from Moyer Farms was absolutely the best lamb I've had....ever."
– Satisfied Customer of Moyer Farms