Butcher Lambs

Our Farms have received countless testimonials regarding the fresh and tender quality of our Spring Butcher Lambs. Many say, unsolicited, that this is the best lamb they've had in their lives. 

As always, our Lambs are completely hormone-free and antibiotic free. They freely graze in our wheat pastures, finished on grain and winter wheat pasture.

Our Butcher Lambs can be delivered to a processing facility of your choosing; please contact us to coordinate.

Moyer Farms has various sizes and weights of Butcher Lambs for various needs.  Most Lambs range 60-160 pounds, so you have a choose of size.

There are many benefits of Lamb Meat:

  • Lamb meat is an excellent source of high quality protein.
  • Lamb meat is an ideal source of iron. An average portion can provide 20 percent of the recommended daily intake for men and 12 percent for women. The iron found in lamb meat and other red meat is in a form that is easily absorbed by the body. The inclusion of iron in the diet is vital in the formation of red blood cells.
  • Lamb meat provides 45 percent of the daily requirement of zinc, essential for growth, healing and a healthy immune system. Like iron, the zinc found in lamb meat is more easily absorbed by the body than zinc found in other sources.
  • Lamb meat is a great source of B vitamins, essential for metabolic reactions in the body.  It can provide over 100 percent of the daily requirement of B12 and is a good source of thiamine.
  • Lamb meat also contains trace elements such as copper, manganese and selenium.
  • As a result of breeding developments, feeding practices, butchery methods and trimming, the fat in lamb meat has been greatly reduced over the past 20 years.  For example, Lamb Leg Steaks may contain as little as 5.1 percent fat.
  • Half the fat in lamb meat is unsaturated, which is good for you.  Most of the unsaturated fat is monounsaturated.

Sourced from Natural Food Benefits.